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Virtual Assistant Services for Real Estate Investors
Virtual Assistant

REI Expert Christina Krause Can Help Your Team

Christina is a principal with Postal Impact, a white-glove marketing company focused on real estate investors in the single-family, multi-family and alternative asset markets. Virtual Lead Managers is Postal Impact’s sister company that takes that service to the next level.

The VLM team works diligently to identify areas where they can help your team improve to make you more money. Learn why adding a well-trained VLM to your process is the next step toward greater success. Our virtual assistant services for Real Estate Investors will help you close more deals.

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Missed Calls and Lost Opportunities?

Let Our VLMs Ease your pain points

Virtual Assistant Services for Real Estate Investors
Virtual Assistant Services for Real Estate Investors
Virtual Assistant Services for Real Estate Investors
More than a virtual Assistant
Utilizing our field-tested, proprietary step-by-step system, your Certified VLM will manage your leads, connect with sellers, execute your follow-up sequence, and revive “dead” leads. Companies using our Certified VLMs can increase their deals each month by 60-70%

How Can A VLM Improve Your Sales Process?

Save time and make more money

Provides Consistent Follow-up

Most companies are hyper-focused on closing hot leads while overlooking potential leads that simply need more time and nurturing. Your Virtual Lead Manager knows that many leads are won or lost at the top of the funnel. You need consistent follow-up, and our VLMs are trained to do that for you!

Nurtures Customers Through The Pipeline​

Your VLM's primary objective is to quickly and naturally establish rapport with your leads. This ability to create trust and identify pain points will ensure that your lead stays on the phone and provides them all of the necessary details to get you closer to a deal. Building relationships is a soft skill that our team spends time teaching and this will differentiate you from the competition.

Optimizes Your CRM

Keep your acquisitions team in their genius zone! They should spend time closing deals not updating and organizing your CRM. Let our trained lead managers help make your team smarter and more efficient.

Helps Generate More Business

Your focused VLM will improve your chances of confirming appointments and finding potential deals. They will increase your opportunities which translates directly to your bottom line. Let us help you make more money!

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Virtual Assistant Services for Real Estate Investors

General Questions

You are hiring a dedicated team member to keep their unwavering eye on your most valuable asset – the lead. You run follow-up sequences on every single one. Investors simply cannot afford to see this as a low-value activity any longer.
 We recruit and develop talent that will be a long-term investment to their clients, not a temporary expense. 

This is your employee, but you will have the VLM team helping you every step of the way. Someone on your team will manage the day-to-day of your VLM where you will customize their day to fit your company’s needs.

Our team monitors all of your VLMs’ activity daily to help you ensure that they are fully utilized. We stay engaged with them on a weekly basis providing reviews, grades, and coaching to help them continue to get better as well as to answer any of their questions or challenges that arise. Your VLM works for you, but you’re gaining a whole team of coaches that are here to help!

The hiring process of a VLM with Virtual Lead Managers involves a short series of guided interviews.

The first video meeting is with you, to understand your company and make sure your VLM is integrated as seamlessly as possible into the process you already have.

Next, a hand-selected group of 3-5 VLMs will be presented to you to interview so you can make sure they are a good fit with your company culture.

The entire hiring process is completely arranged by people who have years of experience helping guide real estate investors through the process in the most efficient and effective way.

If you are interested in interview support, we  provide a list of interview questions to assist you in the process.

Set-up Fee is $1,997. Full-time hourly rate is $12.60. You determine their schedule and only pay for hours worked for you.

The set-up fee covers the comprehensive education and training that your VLM will complete before they get to you.

Our VLMs participate in personality screening to make sure they are a fit for the type of role they will be performing. You want someone who is detailed and methodical when it comes to taking care of your most valuable asset – potential customers, and we’re here to ensure that you don’t spend precious business time looking for candidates.

 The comprehensive training your VLM receives before they start and while they are working for you will set your team apart from your competitors.



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