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If you want to turn those calls into customers let Virtual Lead Managers help you!

About Us

We are Postal Impact, a white-glove marketing company focused on real estate investors in the single-family, multi-family and alternative asset markets. Virtual Lead Managers is Postal Impact’s sister company that takes that service to the next level.

The VLM team works diligently to identify areas where they can help your team improve to make you more money. Learn why adding a well-trained VLM to your process is the next step toward greater success. Our virtual assistant services for Real Estate Investors will help you close more deals.

How can a VLM Improve Your Process?

Save time and make more money

Provides Consistent Follow-up

Most companies are hyper-focused on closing hot leads while overlooking potential leads that simply need more time and nurturing. Your Virtual Lead Manager knows that many leads are won or lost at the top of the funnel. You need consistent follow-up, and our VLMs are trained to do that for you!

Nurtures Customers Through The Pipeline​

Your VLM's primary objective is to quickly and naturally establish rapport with your leads. This ability to create trust and identify pain points will ensure that your lead stays on the phone and provides them all of the necessary details to get you closer to a deal. Building relationships is a soft skill that our team spends time teaching and this will differentiate you from the competition.

Optimizes Your CRM

Keep your acquisitions team in their genius zone! They should spend time closing deals not updating and organizing your CRM. Let our trained lead managers help make your team smarter and more efficient.

Helps Generate More Business

Your focused VLM will improve your chances of confirming appointments and finding potential deals. They will increase your opportunities which translates directly to your bottom line. Let us help you make more money!

More Than A Virtual Assistant

Utilizing our field-tested, proprietary step-by-step system, your Certified VLM will manage your leads, connect with sellers, execute your follow-up sequence, and revive “dead” leads.

Companies using our Certified VLMs can increase their deals each month by 60-70%

Virtual Assistant

Client Testimonials

"One defining factor I see in our VLM, Jadi is her attitude and execution which is second to none. She puts 100% into everything she touches for her team. We all have off days, and she picks me up when I have mine. It's that extra attention to detail along with her great attitude that makes her so special. "
Andy W/Shae M
“Our experience with Virtual Lead Managers has been great! The process of selecting a VLM to integrate into our team went smoothly, and we found a great match during the interview process. The folks at VLM worked with us to meet our requirements and our VLM came to us trained for our specific systems. It definitely showed as he was able to hit the ground running. Fast forward over a year, and he’s continued to grow, improve, and take on additional responsibilities. Hiring a VLM was an excellent decision for us, and our CRM has never been as accurate and complete as it is now.
Dave P
“Our Virtual Lead Managers are an integral part of our sales team. April and Bernard are both reliable, professional, knowledgeable, and execute our systems at a high level. More importantly, they take pride in their work and their ability to help us generate and nuture leads. They are one of the reasons we’ve been able to close 50+ deals in the last 6 months! If you're looking to add high performers to your team, I absolutely recommend Virtual Lead Managers. .”
Jim G

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Virtual personal assistant from Los Angeles supports companies with administrative tasks and handling of office organizational issues.